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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet a new underground world: octopuses, copper, stalactites and stalagmites!
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What’s new in Minecraft PE

Updating Caves & Cliffs has brought various interesting innovations to the game. Among them, in Minecraft there is copper and glowing octopuses. Previously, this material could only be obtained in-game through mods.


New material in Minecraft PE, which is obtained by smelting copper ore . It is not that difficult to mine this ore, as it occurs with the same frequency as iron. In addition, copper ore is generated at the same height. Copper ingots can be used to make copper blocks.

However, all copper blocks in Minecraft PE have one significant drawback: they oxidize when exposed to air . At the same time, the color of their texture changes to turquoise. This is an unwanted effect. Therefore, the developers have added the ability to protect against this.

There are only three stages of copper block oxidation: slightly oxidized, semi-oxidized and fully oxidized.


In Minecraft, you can forget about threads. They were replaced by zygomatic blocks . These blocks are capable of registering vibrations within a radius of several blocks. At the same time, a rather interesting animation is played, consisting of waves that illustrate vibration.

Interesting: Using the comparator, you can build a device that will allow the player to determine what is happening around.

Each sound in the game has its own frequency. This allows you to determine the nature of vibration using a comparator. After activation in MCPE, the zygomatic block remains in this state for two seconds. At the same time, he gives a redstone signal. After two seconds, it fades away.

Glowing octopus (removed in MCPE

An interesting new mob in Minecraft PE 1.16, which you can only under water. Unlike a regular octopus, this one glows and emits interesting particles. Upon death, a Glowing Ink Sac will drop from a Glowing Octopus.

Fact: The glowing octopus appeared in the game as it won the vote during Minecraft Live 2020.

With this item, you can get a glowing frame . Any item that the user places in this frame will glow at night. Thus, in complete darkness, it will be possible to clearly see the objects in the frame.

In the Minecraft update, the developers decided to remove the glowing octopus and the items associated with it, but they will return everything very soon.


  • How to protect against oxidation in Minecraft PE

    It is necessary to connect the copper block to the honeycomb.
  • How can vibration be blocked?

    With a wool block.
  • How to make a lightning rod?

    You need to use three copper ingots.