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Download Dynamite mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Dynamite Mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to blow up whatever you want using modern add-ons for players that include modern types of explosives!

The best Dynamite mods for Minecraft PE

The developers of Minecraft PE from Mojang Studios added a dynamite block to the game in the first alpha versions. After some updates, the texture and the amount of damage changed, but in general it remained the same.

For many players, its explosive power is not enough now, even using a large number with the help of the command / fill 100 100 100 minecraft: tnt.

For this reason, many well-known creators of dynamite mods on PC decided to help mobile minecrafters.

More TNT

A small mod for older versions of Minecraft PE, which nevertheless adds 20 unique types of dynamite .

It is worth noting a rather interesting crafting system that allows you to use more and more powerful explosives to create. Now, in order to get powerful charges of dynamite in Minecraft PE, you just have to spend a lot of usual.

The author, which is MRAndyPE, also added fire, ice, burrowing and other interesting types of dynamite to the game.


Updated dynamite mod that uses the same scheme as More TNT. Using ordinary blocks, you can create huge nuclear bombs .

Be sure to use experimental game mode in the world where the addon is installed.

This TNT mod allows you to create 51 blocks of explosives in Minecraft PE.


A huge set of resources for Minecraft PE, which will add about 30 unique explosive blocks .

Among the elements of the dynamite fashion, there was a place for a nuclear bomb. So now none of your offenders in Minecraft PE will escape punishment.

Such chains of powerful explosions can be used to complete destruction of the mountain blocking your view.


  • Why do you need powerful dynamite in Minecraft PE?

    It can be used both to quickly clear territory for your new building, and to destroy your enemies.
  • How can you get dynamite in survival?

    This will require using commands or special crafting recipes.
  • What resources are needed to craft dynamite?

    Their creation will require resources associated with the creation of the most common dynamite, only increased several times.