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Version for Android
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Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and meet a completely new underworld!

Minecraft PE Nether Update – What’s New?

The MCPE 1.16 update is called the Nether Update. And it’s not casual, since a large number of new blocks, mobs and even structures have appeared in the game.


With the release of Minecraft, the player will be able to meet in hell with 3 new mobs. Once in the crimson forest, he will encounter piglins and hoglins . These are creatures that are aggressive towards the user. But going down to the lava lakes, the player will be able to see there a red mob, with a large head, strider . Unlike others, the strider is not aggressive towards the player and lends itself to taming.


Naturally, new mobs need new locations to live in. In this regard, in Minecraft PE there are whole 3 new biomes and 2 structures .

Title Description
Crimson Forest As mentioned earlier, it is mainly inhabited by piglins and hoglins. Everything in this forest is red.
Valley of Soul Sand This location in Minecraft Bedrock is distinguished by its addictive blue glow . Everything here seems quiet and mysterious.
Twisted Forest This area is characterized by a blue color. Distorted mushrooms also grow here, with which you can scare away hoglin in Minecraft
Basalt delta A rather gloomy place, made up almost entirely of basalt. Favorite place for lava cubes.

Also, the player, traveling through the nether world of MCPE, can discover the ruins of the bastion and destroyed portals.


With the release of Minecraft PE, the game has been replenished with a large number of new blocks. Three of them deserve special attention: magnetite, target and revival anchor . The Respawn Anchor will allow the player to respawn right in Hell. The target, in turn, gives a signal of a red stone when hit by an arrow.

Magnetite will help the player if he gets lost. When you click on this block with the compass, the compass arrows begin to point to magnenite .


The new and hardest material available in Minecraft It is even stronger than diamond. To upgrade tools and armor, you need to connect a netherite ingot with a diamond item in the workbench.

You can get this ingot by melting a block of ancient ruins that are generated in hell at a height of 13-22 blocks.

Other minor fixes for MCPE

As in any other version, in Minecraft PE, the developers did not forget about the errors:

  • cured villagers can multiply;
  • rabbits jump correctly when moving;
  • textures in Minecraft PE load correctly when descending from a great height.


  • How can you tame a strider in Minecraft PE

    With the help of warped mushrooms. Also, using a fishing rod with a distorted mushroom, you can control the strider.
  • How can you speed up the process of finding the destroyed portal or the ruins of the bastion?

    The ruined portal can be found with / locate Ruined_Portal, and the ruins of the bastion can be found with / locate Bastion_Remnant.
  • Why can't I find a target in my inventory?

    At the moment it is available only in the experimental game mode MCPE