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Download the full version of the Hellish Minecraft update for Android with a working Xbox Live : mountain goats, updated biomes and new items are already waiting for you!
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Minecraft PE Nether Update

The development team from Mojang Studios has released a new part of the Nether Update. Minecraft PE has various changes from the upcoming Mountain Update . Among them is the emergence of a new mob that inhabits mountain peaks, as well as snow, in which you can fall.

Also, the developers did not give up their attempts to completely improve the gameplay of the Hellish Minecraft update Therefore, now you can enjoy even more streamlined gameplay.

Mountain goat

The first important change in the new version of Minecraft PE is the appearance of goats. They live high in the mountains, which explains their name. However, despite their rather cute name, they are quite aggressive towards anyone who tries to climb the top.

For this reason, do not forget to always be on your guard, because goats in Minecraft have a a huge repulsive effect and can easily push you into the abyss with one dash.

You can only meet goats and learn about other changes in the MCPE 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update when experimental mode is activated in the world settings.

Goat’s horn

In addition to milk, goats can make you feel like a real adventurer by collecting trophies in the form of horns. However, keep in mind that they drop with a small chance only after the goat hit the block in Minecraft

You can use this trophy both for the exhibition and for imitating the raids of the marauders who trumpet every time they attack the village in Minecraft PE

Loose snow

The new type of snow will allow players to create new types of traps , because it will slow down anyone who steps on it. However, this is not the end of its features, because, like a web, it will pull any essence of Minecraft inside itself.

Also, loose snow can easily be used to descend from a great height in complete safety, just by landing on it. However, keep in mind that if you are wearing leather boots, you will break, as they allow you not to fall through the snow Minecraft PE

At the moment, loose snow still cannot be detected by the Bedrock generated on the Minecraft map.


The developers did not disregard the old bugs from the Nether Update, which is dedicated to the Nether. Thus, Minecraft got rid of:

  • technical errors in server operation;
  • further differences between the two editions of the game;
  • errors related to GPU and draw range.


  • When should we expect the full release of Minecraft PE 1.17 Caves and Cliffs?

    The developers promise to release an update by the summer of 2021, but the first beta versions should appear earlier.
  • How not to fall through the loose snow in Minecraft

    It's enough to put on leather boots.
  • What are the side effects of being in loose snow?

    If you are inside loose snow, the slowdown effect is applied to you, and you will not be able to see anything if your head is hidden under the snow.