Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and create hanging signs from decorative bamboo boards.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers of the Mojang studio continue to delight their players with innovations. This time, camels were added to the new version of Minecraft They also changed the functionality of the bookshelves and made hanging signs. All this diversified the gameplay even more and made embroidery more interesting.


Camel has been added to the new world of Minecraft PE A lot of players expected this animal and added it to their cube world with the help of various add-ons. Camels live in desert biomes and are distinguished by their massiveness.

If the player climbs into the animal, then the zombies will not get you. The most important thing to note is that you can ride the animal 2. This is very convenient, especially if you like to travel on horseback.


Also, with the release of Minecraft, a new material was added to the game – bamboo. From it, players will be able to create bamboo boards. And from the boards, in turn, there will be various items available, such as doors, stairs and more. Diversify your buildings with new wood and create even more beautiful and unusual houses.

Hanging signs

Hanging signs are another innovation. With them, you can hang various alerts and warnings right on the walls of your house in the world of Minecraft PE

Previously, players could only put a sign on the floor, but now it will take up even less space and look neater.


The very concept of a bookshelf in Minecraft was also changed. Now players will be able to put various books and tomes on the shelf, which was previously impossible to do. This makes the game even more realistic and functional.


  • Which animal appeared in Minecraft

  • What unique abilities does the camel have in MCPE

    It can jump over obstacles and transport two riders.
  • How many new skins have become available to players?

    7 new skins.