Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live: embark on a journey across the water on a bamboo raft or riding a camel.

What is new in Minecraft

Thanks to the efforts of developers, the cubic space is being transformed more and more with each update. In Minecraft PE, it became possible to choose from nine skins at once to make the player more interesting and individual.

Several fixes were also made that made the gameplay more comfortable. For example, touch control now allows you to flip through items in chests.


In Minecraft, players got more opportunities to use this plant. As you know, it was previously intended only for taming animals such as pandas.

Now it is a useful resource from which you can create blocks and other objects suitable for construction. In addition, bamboo can also be used to build a real raft.

Bamboo Raft

Players already know all the advantages of moving on the water using a boat. It can even be equipped with a chest and take all the necessary things on a trip or add up the resources found.

The bamboo raft in Minecraft PE also has all these features but looks very different from the outside. By the way, the player moves to stand on it.


In the cubic space, there are already a sufficient number of different animals, both quite real and fictional. In Minecraft, the developers decided to supplement the list with the appearance of another one.

Camels have a rather docile disposition, are easily tamed, and can transport the player and his friends or things. In this version, they also got the ability to climb a block and a half, but they do not bounce.

The developers have fixed the animation of these creatures, they will not reproduce it if they appear sitting. Evaluate all the advantages of these creatures in the new version.

New item

In the cube world, there are six decorative items representing the heads of various mobs and the player. Now the seventh option is available, which is the head of the pig.

They are used for decorative purposes, to summon creatures, or to disguise. In Minecraft PE, sound reproduction is also added to this list. To do this, it is enough to place any of the objects on the Jukebox.


  • What animals appeared in Minecraft

  • What can bamboo be used for in MCPE

    For the construction of houses and rafts.
  • How many new skins have become available to players?

    7 new skins.