Download Minecraft PE 0.3.0

Version MCPE 0.3.0 for Android

Download the full version of the Minecraft 0.3.0 update for Android and get the opportunity to craft items, meet new mobs and find new items!

Minecraft 0.3.0 – What’s interesting?

The development team from Mojang Studios has released a new version of Minecraft PE 0.3.0. The release date is April 24, 2012.

This time around, players will find a new update thread bringing in even more content from the original PC version. However, not without unique mechanics and systems.

In Minecraft 0.3.0, players will finally be able to start crafting items and fighting dangerous hostile monsters.


First of all, the developers added the MATTIS system to Minecraft PE 0.3.0.

The technology name stands for Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System.

Thanks to this, players will be able to use an intuitive interface that will allow them to craft almost any item in the game.

In addition, the team at Mojang Studios has added a furnace that can be used to smelt ore and create new tools.


The developers from the studio did not forget to update the Minecraft 0.3.0 interface.

New inventory can now be used during the game. In addition, he now has a special function to drop an item. Just pinch your finger on the slot with the unnecessary item.


The release of the Minecraft PE 0.3.0 branch also marked the beginning of the appearance of new mobs in the game. Thus, it will be possible to meet a cow, a chicken, a skeleton and a spider.

Spiders are neutral during the day, but at night they become agile head hunters.

Bone meal can fall out of the skeleton, which can be used in Minecraft 0.3.0 to accelerate the growth of seedlings.


The development team did not forget about adding several new blocks to Minecraft PE 0.3.0.

These are blocks and half-blocks made of bricks, wood and cobblestones.


  • How to make paper in Minecraft 0.3.0?

    To get paper in Minecraft, you need 3 sugar canes. Place them horizontally on a workbench. The result is 3 papers.
  • How to create scissors, bricks and glass?

    In Minecraft PE 0.3.0 you cannot craft these items.
  • How to get a wooden pickaxe?

    You need three boards and two sticks from any tree. Place the sticks in the center in the central and lower horizontal, and fill the upper horizontal with boards.