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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download free version of Minecraft with working Xbox Live and play with a cute amphibian, mine deep slate, create candles to illuminate buildings.

What innovations have appeared in Minecraft PE

The released version of Minecraft will delight players with a number of different new products: characters, blocks, new crafting recipes, functions, bug fixes.

For example, in the technical component of the game, the characteristics of the heroes have been improved. The developers have done a great job to improve performance and stability.

The structures of the Minecraft PE world have also changed, especially the caves and mountains . Users can enjoy improved Caves & Cliffs, meet new mobs and play with them.


These peaceful creatures, axolotls, in Minecraft are found exclusively in water. If the character is pulled out of the water, then he will immediately take fatal damage and disappear.

Sometimes the user is in serious danger in the face of huge crowds of drowned and guards. In this case, cute axolotls will come to your aid.

The mobs will try to protect the players and keep Steve from all enemy attacks . In addition, in Minecraft PE, axolotls can use the regenerating effect and relieve fatigue.

Deep Slate

In Minecraft, deep slate is identical to stone : both blocks have a similar structure and strong properties.

First, users do not mine a full-fledged block, but only a crushed version of it. To get the slate in the form of a solid object, its fragments must be burned in a furnace.

Only one tool is useful to obtain fragments – a pickaxe.

When using a shovel or hoe, access to the shale particles will be restricted.

Luminous lichen

Glowing lichens can be found in the caves of Minecraft PE The plant is very noticeable as a bright glow emanates from its vines.

Lichen can be attached to blocks from all sides : instead of roots, on the sides and on top. Using bone meal will help spread the lichen to an adjacent block. Especially on objects such as earth and sand.

To get a plant into your inventory, you need to use one tool, or rather scissors.


One of the items that appeared in the recent version of Minecraft Currently, there are several options for candles, most often they are painted.

It is worth noting that an object can only change color from natural dyes: ink bags and flowers.

Steve can use a candle as an alternate light .