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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Version MCPE 1.17.30 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.30 for Android with working Xbox Live: amethyst gems, new tools to explore the world, updated graphics engine and more!

Minecraft 1.17.30: Caves and Mountains

Developers from Mojang Studios have released a new version of Minecraft PE 1.17.30. This time, users have even more different content for those who explore the updated cubic world of the Caves and Mountains update.

Among the changes of Minecraft 1.17.30 you can notice new items and materials. The graphics engine on Render Dragon has also been updated.


An important change for the whole cubic world in the beta version of Meinkraft 1.17.30 was the appearance of new material. This is amethyst.

Such crystals are generated in unique structures, created in the form of an air pocket.

With the help of amethyst in Minecraft PE 1.17.30 new recipes for crafting became available. Players will now be able to create a spyglass and tinted glass, which does not let the light in.

Interesting fact: For the time of beta testing, the chance of generating an amethyst gem is inflated, as the developers want to test the mechanics.


Another important element of the update of the cubic world of Mynkraft 1.17.30 Caves and Mountains is the spyglass.

With its help, it will make survival easier for those players who are exploring.

To craft the spyglass you need to use two copper ingots and one shard of amethyst.

Keep in mind that with it in Minecraft PE 1.17.30 you can clearly see objects at a distance of 100 blocks.

Graphics Engine

Another important aspect of the update Minecraft PE 1.17.30 is the introduction of a new graphics engine called Render Dragon.

Keep in mind that in spite of its glorious name, nothing global it will not change.

With it will improve the optimization of gameplay Minecraft PE 1.17.30. There will also be some opportunities to improve gameplay on the part of the developers.