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Download mod for Firearms for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download Mod for Firearms for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to be a sniper or attack enemies with a pistol!

Best Firearms Mods for Minecraft PE

Developers from Mojang Studios are constantly trying to improve the gameplay of Minecraft PE. To do this, each update brings something interesting to the gameplay: a populated ocean, a combat system, new biomes of the Nether.

Nevertheless, a rather important thing for Minecraft PE players is constantly overlooked. This is a weapon. In the game, it is all cold and cannot boast of a long range of shots and lethality.

Several modders solved this problem. For this, various mods for firearms were released, which will dilute the medieval setting of the game.


If you are a fan of such a genre of music as dubstep, then this mod for firearms for Minecraft PE is perfect for you.

He allows, after activating his gun, to hear your favorite tracks from popular authors right in the game.

We advise you to be careful with this weapon, as it can even kill you if used incorrectly.

2 types of firearms will appear in Minecraft PE, which will play different genres of dubstep every two seconds, at the same time turning everything around into a desert scorched by craters.

Black Ops

Global mod for firearms from the popular modder Desno365.

This time, he decided to add the entire arsenal from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to Minecraft PE.

To get items into your inventory, you will have to use SimpleCommands or the creative inventory.

In Minecraft PE, the addon adds more than 15 types of firearms , among which you can find:

  • assault rifles;
  • submachine guns;
  • shotguns;
  • sniper rifles;
  • pistols;
  • rocket launchers.


A small mod for firearms for Minecraft PE, which will allow players to use many other items. This includes food, and swords, and drinks, and new chests and even backpacks.

Thanks to easy recipes, you can easily recreate any item in your world in Survival Mode.


  • How to view recipes for the "Firestrel" mod in Minecraft PE?

    All you need to do is open a workbench and a recipe book.
  • How can you get a weapon in survival?

    This will require using commands, creative inventory or crafting system.
  • What do you need to run the Black Ops 3 mod?

    Be sure to install DesnoGuns mod first, as the first is based on the second.