Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live and travel around the cubic world riding a camel.

What’s new in Minecraft

With the release of the new version of Minecraft PE, unusual mobs were added to the game, as well as the concept of familiar blocks was changed.

Now players will be able to use bookshelves for their intended purpose, as well as create decorative boards made of bamboo. At the same time, some errors and shortcomings of previous versions were fixed. In general, the update turned out to be interesting and quite intense.


Thanks to Minecraft, a new camel mob has appeared in the cubic world. The animal can be found in desert biomes, as well as near settlements of residents.

Camels differ from other animals in that they can accommodate 2 players at once. This way you will be able to travel through biomes together with your friends. Another advantage of the new mob was its size. Now small enemies like zombies will not be able to attack you sitting on a camel.

It is worth noting the changes of the old mobs. The developers have added chips to the glowing octopus. One of them will allow the mob to glow even on land.


Also in the world of Minecraft PE there are new plants – bamboo. With it, players will be able to create decorative boards. And from them, in turn, you can craft an unusual interior.


The plates in the Minecraft world have also been changed. Now players will be able to place them on various blocks. For example, attach it to the wall. This feature will help to diversify the interior of your buildings.


With the release of Minecraft PE, the functionality of the already familiar bookshelves was also changed. Previously, they were exclusively decorative. Now players will be able to put their favorite books and various writings on the shelves. This makes the game even more realistic.