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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE on android with working Xbox Live and travel in a world with improved graphics, explore Render Dragon properties.

What interesting things have appeared in Minecraft

Special attention in Minecraft PE deserves generation.

For a long time in the game there have been bugs that are directly related to the inaccurate placement of blocks on the map.

All the structures are mixed with each other, so that the overall landscape did not look too beautiful. Yes, and besides, the biomes ended rather abruptly, without a smooth transition to another location.

The developers have taken this into account and presented in Minecraft is a completely new system multihumus world.

This is a special kind of generation, in which each of the sites will be loaded accordingly, without cliffs and with a clear boundary placement.

Render Dragon

In Minecraft PE there are also graphical changes, namely Render Dragon.

The engine is designed to regulate all processes that are related to the visual component of the game.

Thus, users will be able to enjoy a high-quality picture, with lots of fine details and tracings.

The same applies to textures. With Render Dragon, even the simplest images will seem times better.


The appearance of the block is not particularly remarkable. Tuff is very similar to an ordinary stone, only with a lighter texture.

In Minecraft block can be broken with an ordinary pickaxe, other tools will not give the desired result.

It is quite interesting that usually the cube is generated near something valuable. For example, near a cave with amethysts, or a deposit of gold.

Glowing Lichen

In Minecraft PE we have also added some new plants. It’s not hard to guess that the main feature of the lichen is the glow.

However, there is very little light, because of which the player will not be able to navigate in total darkness.

Vines of the glowing lichen are easily obtained, so they can be used to create fertilizer.

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