Download immortality mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.21.1

Download immortality mods for Minecraft PE and no longer be afraid of heights and any hostile creatures!

Immortal Mods: Description

Every Minecraft PE player knows that the life of his character is quite fragile. It can die from small height . Or even from the paws of a seemingly most harmless hostile creature, a spider. In this case, the player could lose quite precious things and stop continuing to survive due to the loss of motivation. These additions will correct this problem.

God Player

This mod will make of the player truly the most invulnerable creature in Minecraft PE. He will not only give him an infinite number of lives, but also strength. With this power you can will kill in one hit almost any hostile mob.


In addition to immortality and strength, Steve will get a huge amount of experience when installing this add-on. There is so much of it that one cannot even imagine what it can be spent on.


This modification of immortality, unlike the previous one, does not give strength and experience in Minecraft PE. It may seem that it does not increase life, but all doubts will be dispelled, for example, with a fall. With this mod, the player is not afraid of anything. He can calmly fall from heights, swim in lava, or even fight a dragon with his bare hands.

With this add-on, you can also swim in the water for at least hours.

Totem of Immortality

Often, despite being invulnerable, playing Minecraft PE can get boring. After all, it is not at all interesting to have everything at hand for a long time: life, strength and experience.

The Totem of Immortality is an official item in the game, added in MCPE 1.1. Its advantage over modifications is the difficulty of production. Therefore, immortality will be quite expensive .

It is worth noting that the totem does not grant permanent immortality. He just doesn’t let you die when he takes fatal damage and disappears.

Real God Mode

The developer of the Real God Mode mod has implemented an immortality mode in Minecraft PE. It makes the player immune to any type of damage . To activate invulnerability, you need to register in the chat / event entity @s god.

After enabling the mode, the message “god mode” will appear above your hotbar. It can be hidden with the god_hide command, and immortality can be turned off with ungod.


  • How can I activate immortality mod data?

    Once installed, they are automatically activated.
  • Will they work immortality on servers?

    Most likely not, since most servers are protected against such modifications.
  • How to get the totem of immortality?

    It can be obtained by killing the caller.