Download Stalker maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download Stalker maps for Minecraft PE : Tagged, Chernobyl, mutants, Sidorovich, and much more!

Who are Stalkers in MCPE?

Stalkers are characters of the computer game of the same name, which quickly gained popularity among players. Their task is to illegal entry into the Zone and steal artifacts .

The plot of the original game

After the famous explosion in 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, another one occurred on April 12, 2006. Over time, mutants and various objects with unique properties began to appear here.

The state, having learned about this, sent a detachment of the military, which never returned. After that, the city was surrounded and began to be heavily guarded.

However, these items, the so-called artifacts, attracted the attention of daredevils. They began to infiltrate the Zone and were popularly nicknamed Stalkers.

Chernobyl 1986

This map is the prototype for Chernobyl in Minecraft PE. Therefore, it may differ slightly from the city itself.


The player appears in the room, where he receives some information about the explosion . But he is given the opportunity to go back in time and stop the explosion of a nuclear power plant in Minecraft PE. Otherwise, a large number of people will die.

WARNING: The death statistics shown are not reliable. This information is relevant only within the map.


Once outside, the player will notice two large cooling towers in Minecraft PE. After going some distance along the road, he will get to the main square. On this territory there will be benches, slides, but the most important thing is the large flag of the USSR .

The timer before the explosion will start immediately after entering the map, so there is not a second to waste.


This map, unlike the previous one, is based on in-game events. It allows fans of the original game to feel like a stalker in Minecrfat PE.


The player will wake up in Sidorovich’s bunker. He does not remember his name, so Sidorovich will call him Tagged . Now the main character has to complete various tasks to get to the center of the Zone and find out all the secrets.


  • How to install Stalker cards?

    It is necessary to move the contents of the archive to the path games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • Why was some part of the territory not drawn in the Stalker map?

    Old maps are not loaded correctly starting from MCPE version 1.16.0. But this problem does not affect this particular location so much, so you can play it.
  • Are there mods or resource packs on the map?

    No, but you can download them directly from our website.