Minecraft PE 1.19.22

Version 1.19.22 for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.22 for Android free with a working Xbox Live and create your own adventure story, explore biomes and meet their inhabitants.

Minecraft 1.19.22 Wild Update

Unique features are provided to players by the new Minecraft PE 1.19.22 update. This time, the developers tried to fix the maximum number of failures and errors identified earlier.

For example, the spectator mode introduced in the Experimental version is getting more and more developed. Players will be able to observe everything that is happening but without the ability to influence it in any way.

According to the latest changes, animals will no longer accompany the player who is an observer. Also, players in this mode will not feel a sense of fear.


It can already be noted with full confidence that this mobile is the main threat to players in the cubic world. Even the best equipment can not always help in case the monster has discovered the player.

At the same time, in Minecraft 1.19.22, he also got the opportunity to detect the hero if he sneaks through the blocks of the Sculk. An incredible hearing will always help the monster find its victim.


Another mob with a completely different behavior model in almost every version receives the attention of developers. In Minecraft PE 1.19.22, his abilities are expanding and now he can collect not only the same items as those given to them by the player but also objects with different strengths.

It can become an indispensable assistant in any journey, as well as perfectly diversify the gameplay. The fact is that if music is turned on next to him, he will start dancing. And considering his incredibly cute appearance, it looks very funny.

By the way, a bug has been fixed due to which he could get stuck in incomplete blocks, so interaction with this creature will be even more comfortable.


  • What do I need to do for Allay to launch a dance animation in Minecraft 1.19.22?

    Turn on the jukebox next to it.
  • What happens to Allay if he hears music in MCPE 1.19.22?

    He starts dancing.
  • What happens to the item that holds Allay?

    It glows in the dark.