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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Hellish Minecraft Update with a working Xbox Live and get to know the new Nether!
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What’s changed in Minecraft PE

The infernal update is one of the most global in the history of MCPE. Therefore, it is not surprising that along with the innovations in the game, various errors appeared. And it is on these errors that the developers directed their main efforts in Minecraft

Basalt delta

One of the new biomes in Minecraft PE, which is generated in the Infernal dimension. Basalt delta can be considered the hottest point in this world . The location has a rather interesting atmosphere. This effect is mainly caused by ash particles falling on the player.

Basalt Delta is the only biome in the game that cannot generate Bastion Remnants.


In Minecraft, a user has the ability to tame a mob like a strider . To tame, you must use the distorted mushrooms.

The strider himself is a neutral creature. He knows how to walk on lava. At the same time, his head turns red. Strider is very afraid of water and takes damage from it.


With the help of magnetite in Minecraft PE you can change the work of the compass . After that, this device begins to point not to the player’s spawn point, but to a block of magnetite. Thus, you can save different points on the map without memorizing coordinates.

Interesting: If you break the magnetite, the compass attached to it will start rotating non-stop in different directions.

Twisted Forest

The Distorted Forest is the best solution for peaceful survival in Minecraft in the Nether. After all, only Enderwalkers live here. And they, as you know, will not attack the user if he does not look them in the eye.

If you drink a potion of night vision, the mist in the warped forest turns pink.

Rebirth in Hell

Finally, in Minecraft PE, players can respawn right in the Infernal Dimension. To do this, you need to use the spawn anchor . This block must first be installed on the ground, and then charged with glowing stones.

The maximum charge level is four. Then, just tap on the spawn anchor to set a spawn point in the Nether.


  • How to craft magnetite in Minecraft PE

    Magnetite crafting consists of eight carved stone bricks and an ingot of netherite.
  • How to operate a strider?

    Using a fishing rod with a twisted mushroom.
  • What happens if you set the anchor of rebirth in the ordinary world?

    It will explode just like the bed in Hell.