Download Minecraft PE 0.2.0

Version MCPE 0.2.0 for Android

Download full version of Minecraft update 0.2.0 for Android and get acquainted with new game modes, tools for work, monsters, sheep and blocks!

Minecraft 0.2.0 – What’s interesting?

Developers from Mojang Studios released the first part of the global Minecraft PE 0.2.0 update on February 11, 2012.

This time, the players decided to please with many innovations that will lead to improved gameplay. There are several game modes, new blocks and tools.


Before the release of Minecraft 0.2.0, there was no division into different game modes. In the PC version, this is Creativity and Survival.

However, now this flaw has been corrected and users will be able to both build and survive.


Minecraft PE 0.2.0 players already know that previous versions were in this mode by default. However, this will now become a separate setting in the world creation menu.

All worlds created prior to this release will be in creative mode.

In addition, the developers have added flight, which makes it easier to build and explore worlds.


The long-awaited survival mode has appeared in Minecraft PE 0.2.0. Now you can not just research and build something.

To do this, the Mojang Studios team had to implement some blocks that are available only for “survivalists”.

Also in Minecraft 0.2.0 there is an opportunity to watch the change of day and night.


Also an important part of the Minecraft PE 0.2.0 update is the appearance of several new mobs.

Among them you can find a sheep, a pig and a zombie.

Now you should always be on your guard at night, because the slightest mistake can lead to death at the hands of a hostile creature.

It is worth noting that you can shear a sheep with scissors, thus obtaining wool.


The developers of Minecraft 0.2.0 did not forget about minor changes, including:

  • health and oxygen indicator;
  • 13 of 16 different colors of wool;
  • stone tools.


  • When do zombies spawn?

    Zombies spawn at night, so you don't have to be afraid to meet them during the day.
  • Is it possible to drown in the game?

    Yes, if you are under water, an air indicator will appear, and when all the air has disappeared, you will begin to choke and die.
  • How to get wool in Minecraft PE 0.2.0?

    You can get wool by killing a sheep, as well as by shearing it with scissors. To do this, you need to hold the scissors, press and hold on the sheep.