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Download SCP Laboratory map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.10.0 - 1.20.81

Download the SCP Laboratory map for Minecraft PE : uncover all the terrible secrets of supernatural beings and stay alive by getting out of the science center.

Best maps for SCP Lab for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is played by a huge number of users. And of course, among them there were fans of the SCP Foundation, which is engaged in research and countermeasures for supernatural monsters.

But developers from Mojang Studios are constantly introducing new technologies into the game. It can be both console commands and the ability to inject sets of textures and mods into the map.

All of this allows you to create truly scary maps with the SCP laboratory, which will scare you in such a way that goosebumps will run all over your body.

Horror stories for even the most avid horror lovers that will turn into good memories are already waiting for you in Minecraft PE.


An interesting and distinctive map for the SCP laboratory , which is quite popular among fans.

It is worth noting that it is based on the recently released computer game SCP Containment Breach, but the author’s vision is present.

The story begins with the fact that you are one of the members of an unknown secret research center. In Minecraft PE, it is called “SCP Laboratory”.

In the course of unsuccessful experiments, supernatural beings escaped. Before that, they caused enormous damage to the company, and therefore you were sent after them to kill.

Horror card has several rules that must not be violated under any circumstances:

  • no cheating;
  • playing in Adventure mode;
  • use headphones or turn up the volume;
  • set the brightness to maximum;
  • difficulty: easy.


Huge map SCP Laboratory, which will give players the opportunity to feel like a test subject.

In Minecraft PE you will be attacked by angry crowds of monsters and armed soldiers.

Your task will be simply to survive at any cost, along the way exploring the location.


  • What's in store for players in the SCP lab?

    Users will be able to uncover the secret of the SCP Foundation and immerse themselves in a horror story.
  • Which mode is the best to play on the SCP Laboratory map?

    Use Survival mode, but do not break blocks to fully immerse yourself in the world of dangerous creatures.
  • Does the SCP Laboratory map have a storyline?

    Yes, you can follow a thoughtful story by playing these cards. If you are a fan of SCP, then you will definitely like it.