Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and experience the effect of darkness in all cubic dimensions.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

This time, the developers of the Mojang studio pleased us with new features in the cubic world. Now in Minecraft PE there are new commands, thanks to which players can move to any biome.

Changed and subjected to Allay and the effect of darkness. Also, bugs and shortcomings of previous versions were fixed. The update turned out to be interesting and, as always, of high quality.

By the way, Vanilla and Wild Experiments were removes from the game menu.

New command

The most long-awaited team has been added to the new Minecraft PE Thanks to it, players will be able to easily navigate their own cubic world.

Now if you want to find a specific biome, then for this you will just need to enter a new command in the chat and the name of the desired biome.

These features make life easier for players. No more spending hours looking for a rare biome. You can no longer remember seeds. Just type /locate and search for your biome.


Also, with the release of the new Minecraft, Allay has undergone changes. Now this mob will glow beautifully in the dark. Lighting resembles the eyes of a spider. It looks very atmospheric. Such lighting makes the ale moba even more fabulous and unusual.

Developers gave Allay 5 minutes for cooldown instead of 2,5.


Now the mangroves will become even thicker. In the new Minecraft PE, mangroves have become more overgrown. Trees and other vegetation became even more overgrown. Thanks to this, the biome will look even more realistic and beautiful.

Darkness effect

The developers also fixed bugs in the darkness effect. Now it will work in all dimensions of the Minecraft cubic world. The effect of darkness will haunt you even in the nether and ender worlds.