Download Minecraft PE 1.17.0

Version MCPE 1.17.0 for Android
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Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft 1.17.0 on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet a new underworld!

Minecraft PE 1.17.0 – What’s interesting?

Developers from Mojang Studios have released the next version of the Caves & Cliffs. In Minecraft 1.17.0, they added several interesting innovations. In addition, the developers have done a lot of work on fixing various critical bugs.


In Minecraft PE 1.17.0, the player has the opportunity to follow what is happening at a distance. It became possible with the help of a telescope . This item has a unique animation of use.

To see this animation, the user needs to play in third person mode. In order to get the spyglass in Minecraft 1.17.0, the player needs to use two copper ingots and an amethyst shard .

Tinted glass

A rather unusual glass appeared in Minecraft PE 1.17.0. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that this type of glass does not transmit light at all. To obtain it, you will have to combine the glass with four fragments of amethyst.

Another interesting difference between tinted glass and regular glass is that this glass can be obtained with a regular pickaxe without a silk touch enchant.

Violet Geodes

Among the innovations in Minecraft 1.17.0 there are also amethyst geodes. These are fairly large formations. They are generated deep underground. Amethyst geode consists of three layers.

Bug fixes in Minecraft PE 1.17.0

As mentioned earlier, in Minecraft 1.17.0, the developers have fixed a number of bugs:

  • dangling roots did not collapse under water;
  • the axolotl moved its tail when pretending to be dead;
  • the lightning rod broke the blocks falling on it;
  • egg-and-snow-type projectiles cast shadows.


  • How to increase the number of dropped amethyst shards in Minecraft PE 1.17.0?

    Must use a lucky enchant pickaxe
  • What is an amethyst geode made of?

    The structure is generated from blocks of amethyst, calcite and smooth basalt.
  • At what height can an amethyst geode be found?

    Between Y = 70 and bedrock.