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Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees

The stability of MCPE 1.14 improves with each beta version. This fact is based on the latest changes in this branch. You can test it yourself by downloading Minecraft


Mojang for the first time in history , decided to add mobs to Minecraft PE, which have different scenarios of behavior, depending on the situation. Bees became such mobs.

Neutral entities whose raison d’être is to pollinate flowers and create honey . Despite this, they have different behaviors in different circumstances.

For example, during rain or night, they return to the hive. Or, when you try to break their house, you are attacked by a whole a swarm of angry bees. They get angry even when attacking their relatives.


There will definitely not be a large number of blocks in Minecraft PE Everything is related to the name of the update “Bees & Honey”.

The fact is that if the version has a name, then they must follow strictly the theme (add everything related to it).

In the bee update for Minecraft PE, honeycombs and honey will be associated with blocks.


They are part of the Minecraft update “Bees & Honey” and are created from only 4 hundred.

Absolutely decorative blocks, but the developers are thinking about adding to this block honeycomb functions (honey storage) .


Of course, the cell block in Minecraft PE can rightfully be considered useless, but you shouldn’t even stutter about the honey one. An amazing block that contains all the properties of mucus.

They can stick other blocks to themselves, can mitigate fall damage by up to 80%, and can slide (vertically) across the block.

Of course, it does not conduct a redstone signal and you cannot jump away from it like a slime, but honey is 100 times easier to find than mucus.


Bees have a need for houses, because it is he who serves as a place to store their honey , as well as protection in the event of a thunderstorm or night. The developers from Mojang could not leave “special and smart” mobs without a place to live and introduced homemade and wild hives into Minrcarft PE

Wild Hive

Wild hives spawn automatically, by an ingenious regeneration algorithm in Minecraft Regenerate on trees with a 5% chance , but most often in places with more flowers.

Fact: When a hive is lost, bees will look for the nearest new one.

It is worth reminding that if any entity, regardless of the strength level, breaks the hive, then the bees will attack without hesitation.

Important: Hives can be obtained with scissors or silk-touch weapons. This will keep honey and bees inside.

Homemade Hives

If you don’t want conflicts with buzzing insects, but you need them, you can craft a homemade hive from 3 honeycombs and 6 planks of any tree.

In Minecraft PE, the homemade hive will perform all the same functions as the wild one. Honey can be collected from level 3 (5 in total). Place where you want and enjoy your personal mobs.

Skin Editor

It’s hard to believe, but the Mojang team decided to add the most long-awaited feature to Minecraft – the skin editor.

Without leaving the application, you can do absolutely everything with the skin . Starting with changing the color of the eyes and ending with the replacement of limbs with mechanical parts.

Changes in Minecraft

Let’s take a look at the main changes in the current beta version of Minecraft PE

Skin Editor

As in MCPE , work has been done again with a new feature.

Minecraft no longer needs to reload the game every time you change the skin.


To add balance to the game, the Mojang studio decided to change the behavior of the horse when running on the honey block.

honey blocks are known to have a slow function. This did not affect the horses and it was decided to change it.

These are not the only changes to the game. For example, in Minecraft PE, in the name “Wild Hive”, the first letter was changed to a capital letter.