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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live: glowing lichens, blocks from a lush cave, copper and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft, the developers from Mojang Studios first of all worked on the lush caves. Although they did not add this biome, now there are blocks from this location in the game. This means that the lush caves themselves will soon appear.

Glowing lichens

Developers have added glowing lichens to Minecraft PE . As the name suggests, this plant gives off a faint light in the cave. This can be useful as there will now be at least some light in the caves. With the help of bone meal, these lichens can be made to grow faster.

Lush Cave Blocks

As you know, at Caves & Caves Update lush caves are present. However, in Minecraft, the developers decided to add only blocks from this location. For example, now in the game, the user can meet a hard leaf.

This is a new type of plant that is ideal for construction. If you stand for a long time on a leaf of this plant, then it begins to fall and the player falls down.

Glowing Octopus

A new mob in Minecraft PE, which can only be found under water. The glowing octopus glows underwater and emits interesting particles. Upon death, this mob drops a glowing ink sac. It is used to produce light letters.

This item can also be used to obtain a glowing frame in Minecraft To do this, you just need to connect a luminous ink bag with a regular frame. Each object that is in such a frame will glow at night and can be clearly seen from afar.

New mountains

New mountains deserve special attention in Minecraft PE These mountains are distinguished by their great height. Also here you can see ores of various precious resources. Thus, it is now possible to extract resources not only in caves, but also high in the mountains.


In Minecraft, you no longer need to use any modifications to get copper. After all, this material is now in the game itself. First you need to dig up copper ore, which can be found in caves.

Copper Ingots can be used to make Copper Blocks. However, these blocks have a disadvantage: they are oxidized by air. When oxidized, the color of the texture of these blocks changes to turquoise.

Three copper ingots in Minecraft can be used to make a lightning rod that will attract lightning strikes within a radius of several blocks.


Minecraft PE has a great replacement for the thread – cheekbones . Such sensors register any vibration within a radius of several blocks. In this case, the zygomatic block is activated and gives a redstone signal. The sensor remains activated for two seconds.

The zygomatic block is then deactivated. It should also be noted that this block helps the overseer to better navigate in space. Also in Minecraft the cheekbone block has an interesting vibration detection animation .