Download sword mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download sword mods for Minecraft PE and crush your enemies with unique weapons!

Sword Expansion

As you know, there are only 6 types of swords in Minecraft PE. Of these, only netherite differs in that it does not burn in lava, and the rest differ only in damage.

The swords added by these mods not only have unique properties, but also give the player special abilities.

More Swords

A fairly old addon for weapons for Minecraft PE. There are 10 of them:

Title Description Craft
Dawn Star Sets mobs on fire and also deals 6 damage. 2 Magma Clumps + Ifrite Rod + 4 Fire Powders
Eye End Doesn’t have any special features or practical use. Not available
Icy Slows down mobs in Minecraft PE and deals 6 damage. 2 compacted ice blocks + stick + 4 ice blocks
Dragonblade Removes all effects active on the mob. 2 lapis lazuli + red dust + stick + diamond + iron ingot
Gladiolus Deals 6 damage and poisons the victim . 2 oak leaves + seedling + blue orchid + stick
Vampire Blade Takes 7 health from the enemy and partially returns to the owner of the sword. Red dust + 2 obsidian + 2 iron ingots + stick
Wither Sword A powerful sword that does 8 damage. Not available

There is also a rather interesting Adminium Ark sword (1619). With its help, you can kill absolutely everything in Minecraft PE from the first hit.


This mod, unlike the previous one, replaces items existing in Minecraft PE with swords. There are 5 of them:

  • bone (bone): 4 damage, increased player speed;
  • fiery (ifrit rod): immune to lava and fire , 14 damage, shake;
  • Thunderous (Fishing Pole): Summon Lightning, 5 Damage;
  • coal (stick): resize player, 4 damage;
  • creeper sword (bow): shooting exploding arrows .


There are only 3 swords in this addon, but each of them has unique properties in Minecraft PE. For example, using a air sword can slow down your fall.

The / give @s el: command displays a list of swords.


This mod adds eight new types of swords to Minecraft PE. These include a a blackstone blade and seven different wood tools . Also, the add-on brings to the game recipes for sticks from all the remaining varieties of wood.

The blackstone sword has 132 durability and 5 damage. Melee weapons made of wood have only 60 points of fortress and 4 damage.


  • How to install the mod more swords?

    BlockLauncher required. First you need to unpack the archive, then load the script and texture into the game using BlockLauncher.
  • What if the elemental swords mod does not work?

    You should turn on the experimental game mode in the world settings.
  • How to find out the crafting of elemental swords?

    The fire sword has no crafting, and the other two recipes are in the pictures for this article.