Download Baldi Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.6.0 - 1.21.1
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Download Baldi maps for Minecraft PE and help your friend find all his notebooks forgotten at school!

Baldi – Who is this?

This is a character of a fairly popular computer horror game of the same name. Baldi is a teacher. According to the plot of the game, one of the students forgot his notebooks at school. He asks his friend, who is a player, to find them and bring them back.

However, the player at school is waiting for Baldi’s teacher , who gives him various tasks. This idea was also liked by the authors of the maps in Minecraft PE.

The whole point of the game is that many of these tasks are impossible to solve. After each erroneous answer, Baldi gets angry and starts hunting the player.

Find The Button

In this map for Minecraft PE, the player will find 9 blue buttons . To get each button, you need to complete different tasks. But it will be impossible to do this: tasks are not solved . In the course of the passage, various characters will meet. For example, the Principal, who will send the player to jail for 15 seconds.

TIP: In order to familiarize yourself with the map, it is recommended to complete the Tutorial.

Baldis Field Trip

Unlike the previous map, this one takes place in a Minecraft PE forest. The player’s task is not to let the fire go out for 5 minutes . To do this, you must periodically throw branches (sticks) into the fire. For a more atmospheric game, lower the brightness to a minimum.

There are 2 maps for download in the links. They are basically the same except for the versions they run on.

Minecraft Basics and Minecraft Basics: The Chapter Two

A feature of these maps is that they are designed for multiplayer in Minecraft PE. One of the players will play the role of Baldi, and the other as a student . In the second part, the school is much larger, so you should play with a lot of friends.

The Secret Under Everything

The last map in Minecraft PE, created based on the horror game Baldi. This is where the player appears in the dungeon. According to legend, Baldi keeps children here and subjects them to terrible torture. In order to gain freedom, the player must find all the levers . However, the map is full of traps and secret places. Therefore, you should exercise the utmost care.