Minecraft PE 1.19.50

Version 1.19.50 for Android
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Download Minecraft 1.19.50 for Android free with a working Xbox Live and build a house out of clay or make friends with a quick and kind assistant.

Minecraft 1.19.50 Wild Update

There is so much interesting content in Minecraft PE 1.19.50 that players can discover something new almost endlessly.

Moreover, in this version, the developers managed to eliminate a large number of bugs, which now will not interfere with the gameplay.

New resources

One of the best places to extract useful resources, along with all kinds of caves, is the Mangrove Swamp biome.

As soon as the player enters his territory in Minecraft 1.19.50, he will hear unusual sounds during his movement. The fact is that most of the surface is covered with a layer of dirt. But this is not useless material at all.

If such blocks are dried in any way, you can build any building from them. Also here, players will see a lot of trees, their vines descend low to the ground and look very mysterious. By the way, wood can also be used in construction.


It is hard to imagine a more harmless and as useful mob in Minecraft PE 1.19.50 as Allay. This blue-colored creature will bring to its master all the blocks that it finds nearby. By the way, it can help to restore the destroyed scaffolding.

He also loves to dance very much and will certainly show it as soon as he hears the music. Give him a piece of amethyst at this moment and watch the appearance of a new individual.

Other features

In each version of the game, developers are trying to fix various bugs and add new features, Minecraft 1.19.50 is also no exception.

For example, users can upgrade their skills using the spectator mode, which is now fully operational. Watch the gameplay and learn a lot of new and interesting things.

We also managed to fix the problem with displaying the night sky when RTX is turned on and while joining Realms.


  • How to use mud bricks in Minecraft PE 1.19.50?

    Dry them and build a house.
  • What new feature is available for MCPE 1.19.50 players?

    Spectator Mode.
  • How can Allay be useful to players?

    He searches for and brings items to his master.