Download Minecraft PE 0.2.2

Version MCPE 0.2.2 for Android

Download the full version of the Minecraft 0.2.2 update for Android and get acquainted with new mechanics like day and night, stone tools and game modes.

Minecraft 0.2.2 – What’s interesting?

The development team from Mojang Studios has presented the world with a new version of Minecraft PE 0.2.2. This happened on March 18, 2012.

On this day, players were able to enjoy several game modes.

Also in Minecraft 0.2.2, it became possible to use many other items made of stone and iron.


Finally, new game modes have appeared in Minecraft PE 0.2.2. After all, before it was impossible to try yourself as a builder completely.

Now you can not only create incredible buildings, but also survive by fighting monsters.


The standard mode, which will also be set for all worlds created before the release of Minecraft 0.2.2.

Players will have unlimited access to absolutely all blocks and items, but they will not be able to see some of the update tokens.

These features include a cycle of changing the time of day, stone tools, mobs.


During the development of this mode, the Mojang team relied on the existing PC version of Minecraft PE 0.2.2.

It is for this reason that you can find the same type of implementation of functions in the game.

If we talk about innovations, then there are a lot of them. These are mobs, and tools, and the change of day and night.

Among the mobs in Minecraft 0.2.2, you can find a sheep, a pig and a zombie.

A sheep can be sheared with scissors, but for this you need to clamp them on the mob model.

Zombies will spawn only in survival mode in Minecraft PE 0.2.2, to the same at night

MCPE 0.2.2 Changes

Also, the developers from Mojang Studios did not forget about the introduction of small changes into Minecraft 0.2.2. These are:

  • fixes for crashes on various devices;
  • fixed bugs preventing the game from starting.


  • How to shear a sheep in Minecraft 0.2.2?

    To do this, take the scissors from your inventory and hold them on the sheep model.
  • What changes have been made with Minecraft PE 0.2.2?

    The Mojang team has redesigned the game code so that it does not cause crashes.
  • How to fight zombies?

    First you have to create a world in survival mode, and then wait for the night.