Download arena map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.81

Download the arena map for Minecraft PE and show all your skill in battles in the most incredible territories!

Arena maps for Minecraft PE

Survival games in the world of Minecraft PE are one of the most popular PvP map themes . If you want to test all your your Minecraft Pocket Edition survival skills , this map is perfect for you!

Biome Arena

All Minecraft players know that the very first PVP arena was biomes .

Plains, jungles, deserts, tundra, savannah and other natural areas became your place for battles with different opponents.

This map will help you get into the natural environment of battles , where every little detail of natural landscapes can decide the whole outcome.

The arena is designed for several teams, judging by its size.

There are 4 types of biome in total:

  • jungle;
  • tundra;
  • mountains and forests;
  • combined.

The uneven terrain and a large number of secret places in which your opponents can hide gives the difficulty of fights in these locations.

Important: The map is suitable for versions not lower than Minecraft PE 1.0.5 (It was in this version that the command block was added)

Abandoned Park Arena

There are so many battle arena maps for Minecraft Bedrok Edition. Gladiator, aerial, biome, space (Star Wars) and even Clash of Clans.

But have you heard of the arena in the abandoned park?

It is this idea of ​​the location of the arena on Minecraft PE that makes it interesting.

To go into battle, you need:

  1. Find the yellow platform and step onto the hatch.
  2. When your opponent is ready, open him with him.
  3. You will fall on the spider web , which you did so that the player had time to prepare and think about his move.
  4. After that, your survival officially begins.

Once you start the game, you will notice a lot of abandoned attractions. Nice decorations, but they were created for a reason.

Completing a small challenge in these recreational facilities will reward you with armor, food, enchanted weapons, and the like.


  1. so that aggressive mobs do not interfere with you, turn on the “peaceful” mode;
  2. you are not allowed to place any blocks or abuse flaws on the map to go beyond it.

Mob Arena

The presented arena map differs in that on it players will have to fight mobs . To win, you need to survive a 2-minute wave of monsters. The mini game is suitable for one person or a whole group of friends.

At the very beginning, you will appear in the lobby of the location for Minecraft PE. Then you need to enter the portal , which will take you to the arena. A chest with weapons and armor awaits you.