Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft for Android free with a working Xbox Live and going to the Ancient City, be sure to find a secret door in it.

Minecraft PE Wild Update

Thanks to the efforts of developers, more and more diverse locations appear in the cubic world, which provides players with new development opportunities. One of them is the biome of Mangrove swamps, where frogs can be found. Also, residents have already appeared here.

Minecraft fixed a problem where their clothes did not match their profession. We also managed to eliminate the error that caused paid emotions to be available to all players.


Each character interacts with various creatures during the game. Some of them may even become useful in the process of survival. For example, heroes can raise chickens or pigs and become real farmers.

And having made several hives, you can try yourself as a beekeeper. This is a really interesting and unusual experience, which is not available to everyone in real life.  In the course of the work carried out in Minecraft PE, the names hovering over the mobs began to be displayed correctly.

But do not forget that in the vastness of the cubic world there are also such creatures that can not only harm the player but also deprive him of his life in general.


In the Deep Dark biome, the entire area surrounding the players is covered with very unusual blocks of almost black color. You can notice glowing patches of blue on them. But there is no need to hope that thanks to them, everything will become brighter. They do not emit light.

Any of them can be broken with a hoe and sometimes it is necessary to do this so as not to attract the attention of Warden. The fact is that the Sculk Shrieker can emit vibrations and then this creepy creature will accurately detect the player.

In Minecraft, this area consistently attracts a lot of adventurers who want to try their hand at a battle with a very strong opponent.


  • What can mangrove logs be used for?

    To create a bonfire.
  • How does Warden find its victims?

    By vibration and sound, as well as by smell.
  • How can players find the Ancient City?

    Go to the Deep Dark biome.