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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Hellish Minecraft Update with working Xbox Live and play in the new Nether!
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What’s changed in Minecraft PE

After a long time after the first version of the Nether Update, the developers do not stop releasing updates.

In Minecraft, they fixed some bugs that made the game much more stable. Also, the Infernal Update brought with it a large number of interesting innovations.

Cruel Piglin

As you know, in Minecraft PE, ordinary piglins can be found in the crimson forest. They are very fond of gold and at the same time are ready to exchange goods with the user. However, these creatures have a better look – cruel piglins .

They live in the remains of the bastion and are not distracted by gold or anything else. Their main task is to guard the treasure chests. The cruel piglins use the golden ax as a weapon. This mob deals a lot of damage.

Cruel Piglins have the most lives of any Underworld.

Remains of the bastion

Huge structure in Minecraft It can often appear underground. The remains of the bastion are inhabited by hoglins, ordinary and cruel piglins. This location contains a large number of chests with valuable items .

Interesting: Only in the remains of the bastion can you find the Pigstep music CD.

One of the rooms in the remains of the bastion is the treasury. Here the player can find the most valuable resources for him. But first, he will have to fight the cruel piglins.


This innovation will be most liked by the builders of the maps. The target gives a redstone signal in Minecraft PE when hit by a projectile. Projectiles can be snowball, trident, fireball, exploding potions .

Fact: The target is the only block in Minecraft PE that requires a hay block to craft.


New and most durable material in Minecraft According to its characteristics, netherite is ahead of diamond. At the same time, netherite things, unlike all others, do not burn in lava. This means you don’t have to worry about losing netherite tools and armor on death.

To upgrade your diamond item, you need to pair it with a netherite ingot.


  • How to craft a target in Minecraft PE

    From four red dust and a block of hay
  • How to trade with piglins?

    It is necessary to approach this mob with a gold bar and press the button that appears.
  • How to get netherite?

    First you need to get the ancient ruins in the Hellworld, then melt this block. The resulting netherite scrap must be combined with a gold bar.