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What’s new in Minecraft PE Ender Update?

Minecraft is the second build of the “Ender Update” update. It is aimed at fixing errors for further transition to the release version.


The first thing that those who downloaded Minecraft PE will notice is the game menu. It has been modified to resemble the Java version in style. In future updates, it will be possible to notice all the greater similarity, because it is a priority of Mojang AB .


These mobs can be considered the third bosses in the game at the moment. They officially appeared in Minecraft . Shulker is an aggressive mob and will not stand on ceremony at the sight of a player. This mob has a dangerous weapon – projectiles with levitation effect . Anyone who falls under the affected area will rise until the effect ends.

Note: Shells can be deflected by clicking on them with your hand or with some weapon.

This mob is not so easy to kill, as it is protected by a carapace . And its purple color allows it to merge with the structures of the city of the region.

City of the edge

Now in Minecraft Poket Edition, there is a new building – Ender City . This building consists of several connected buildings that float above the ground.

The central tower is on the surface and the rest are connected via bridges. There are chests in the town, which can contain both ordinary items and enchanted ones.

Warning: Be careful when exploring the building as it is guarded by shulkers!

Corus Flower

The most mysterious and most amazing plant in Minecraft at the moment. The corus flower can only be found in the Land. It can be mined and grown in any dimension.

Remember: This flower can only be planted on an edge stone.

It can reach a height of 10-15 blocks (depends primarily on the stage).

Winter Biome

In addition to the edge update, the snow biome has undergone minor changes in Minecraft PE Terrain generation will now add a needle .

Information: Igloo is a winter dwelling, which is a domed structure.

They can be found in winter villages. They are inhabited by residents, and they equipped everything there with beds and chests.

Polar bear

These mobs are the first natural inhabitants of the snow biome in Minecraft They can be found in the tundra, in the plains of ice thorns and in the snowy mountains.

Polar Bears are completely neutral towards players, but if you try to attack them, they will start to defend themselves.

For bears, the best defense is attack. They stand on the task of the paws and inflict damage with the front ones. It is difficult to break away from them, because in addition to fast movement, their swimming is one of the fastest.

New in Minecraft PE


Surprisingly, in the beta, there were not only changes, but also additions. Now in Minecraft PE there is game music inside.

Each time, more and more you can be convinced of the desire of the developers of Mojang, closer to the Java version. Also in MCPE there is a new texture pack called “Mash-up” , but at the moment nothing is known about it and it cannot be used.


  1. The / locate command that moved the player to any structure in Minecraft Pocket Edition is no longer available. Most likely it will be introduced back in the release of the MCPE 0.17.0 branch.
  2. For the stable operation of the game, a special system was introduced that notifies the player about the lack of memory in the phone.
  3. Now the smallest render value is 3 chunks. This is due to the fact that at lower values ​​the chunks are not penetrated.


  • What is the city of the region?

    This building is a series of connected buildings that float above the ground.
  • What's in an igloo?

    They are inhabited by residents, and they have equipped everything there with beds and chests.
  • Where can you find polar bears?

    They can be found in the tundra, in the plains of ice thorns and in the snowy mountains.