Download Taumcraft mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.6.0

Download the Taumcraft mod for Minecraft PE: diversify the gameplay with new magical artifacts and much more.

Popular Taumcraft Mod for Minecraft PE

The world of Minecraft PE is inhabited by quite a few mystical and mysterious creatures. However, magic itself has not been implemented in the game to this day .

It was the Taumcraft mod that was developed to eliminate such an annoying oversight. He does this by adding many magical items and creatures.

To start learning magic in Minecraft PE, you will have to get some iron ingots and create knobs. From two similar elements and a stick, you can make a magic wand .


Thanks to the Thaumcraft mod for Minecraft PE, each user can become a sorcerer. To study magic, he will need a special wand and a book. It is recommended to study the received manuscript up and down.

Then you need to make a choice in favor of any skill, and get a scroll. This item is consists of ink and paper . Next, do your research on the magic table.

Thus, the Minecraft PE player can gradually learn all aspects of the magic of this modification.

In addition to magic itself, the Taumcraft add-on brings new ores, armor, tools and weapons to the game. With the help of this weapon, the user will be able to confront evil creatures.

Important: Although magic opens up incredible abilities for Minecraft PE players. At the same time, she can harm them.

By the way, for your protection and assistance in magical affairs, you can make special golems . To create such creatures, you need a heart and a magic workbench. The capabilities of the resulting golem depend on the type of vital organ.

The following types of hearts are available in Thaumcraft mod for Minecraft PE:

  • the one who watches over the altar;
  • watching the boiler;
  • lumberjack;
  • Mantle of the Thaumaturge;
  • two kinds of magic wands;
  • crystals and amber.

From the above, we can conclude that Minecraft PE users have a great magical potential .


  • What does Taumcraft add to Minecraft PE mod?

    This mod adds magic, as well as magical items and new creatures.
  • What will the player need to learn magic?

    This requires a wand and a magic book.
  • What creature can you create to protect yourself and help you in magical affairs?

    For such needs, you can create a golem in the magic workbench.