Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Beta Version

Download Minecraft on android with working Xbox Live and enjoy new music in your favorite game.

Minecraft PE Beta

Mojang continues to please his fans with unusual novelties. So in Minecraft there were music discs with a new melody. Also, players will now be able to enjoy the flowering of water lilies and new, unique patterns on clay pots. All this makes the cubic world even more unique and interesting.

Music disc

Minecraft PE added another music disc, or as it is also called, an audio disc that contains a unique melody. This allows players to enjoy new music during the game and make it more interesting and varied.

Sniffer Egg

In the 3D world of Minecraft, you can find Sniffer’s egg. But it is found only in suspicious sands, which are located in sea dungeons. This egg is rare and will require the use of an archaeological brush to locate it. However, you need to be careful not to damage the egg while doing this. To preserve its integrity, it is necessary to carefully, slowly dig out the sand.

Especially hatching

In Minecraft PE, when a mob is hatched from a Sniffer egg, there is an interesting feature. If the egg is placed on a block of moss, the mob will hatch in 10 minutes. However, if you place the egg on any other cube world block, the hatching time will increase to 20 minutes.


An amazing new plant has appeared in Minecraft – water lilies. They can be found with the help of a new mob – Sniffer, who won the vote. If you plant this unusual flower near a pond and give it time, you can enjoy beautiful flowers. Which can be used as a unique and attractive decoration or dye. This adds new possibilities to the game in terms of decoration and painting of objects.


  • Is it possible to craft hanging signs from cherry wood?

    Yes, it is possible.
  • How to spawn Sniffer?

    Players can use its egg.
  • What players can do with brushes?

    These items can be used for cleaning suspicious sand.