Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live and create unusual mechanisms with a scalk sensor.

Minecraft PE Beta

Recently, more and more new products appear in the cubic world of Minecraft The developers of the Mojang studio pleased us with such a block as a rolling sensor. Also, new armor decorations and archaeological generations appeared in the game.

Scalk sensors

Scalk sensors are a new element in Minecraft PE It can detect sound waves passing through blocks. They can respond to different sounds. Including player footsteps, lava sound, explosions and even mob sounds. Blocks can be used in conjunction with redstone to create mechanisms that respond to sound.

How to use calibrated scaling sensors

Calibrated scallop sensors are great for creating mechanisms in Minecraft that should only respond to certain sounds. For example, you can create a door that only opens when a certain mob sounds. Or it turns off at the sound of an explosion. You can also use calibrated scallop sensors to create musical mechanisms that play different notes depending on the sound around them.


With the release of the new version of Minecraft PE, players can now edit signs as well as write on both sides using different colors. Also added is the ability to use copper honeycombs to protect plates from unauthorized changes. These improvements provide players with more flexibility and protection in creating and using signs in the game.

Armor decoration

The new version of Minecraft also added new decorative elements for armor, allowing players to create even more unique patterns on their protection. To do this, use a special form and any ore that can be found in dungeons.


  • Why do I need a Torch flower in MCPE

    For breeding a Sniffer.
  • Which biome is worth visiting in Minecraft PE

    Cherry Grove.
  • How can I change the appearance of the armor?

    Using templates.