Download kitchen maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download maps for the kitchen with hide and seek for Minecraft PE and have fun with your friends!

The best maps for the kitchen in MCPE

The mini-game map to the kitchen is one of the most favorite among Minecraft PE players. The essence of this game is that one part of the players must hide in the kitchen, and the other – look . Those who seek are called seekers.

If within a certain time all the hidden players are found, then the seekers will win. Otherwise, the victory is for those who were hiding.


This map contains old kitchen in Minecraft PE. This is clear at the first glance at the map: somewhere there are pieces of food, but somewhere there is a web.

Start the game

Upon entering this location, the user will appear in a small room. There will be two chests with frames here. One of the frames will contain Wither’s head, and the other will contain Steve . The first chest is for seekers, and the second, respectively, for those who are hiding in Minecraft PE.

To select a role, step on the plate in turn. Either Steve’s head or the wither will fly out of the dispenser.

Main location

After all the players have decided on their roles, the hiding users need to jump into the water and get to the main location. And searchers should jump into the web , from where they can get out in about a minute.


Unlike the previous kitchen, it has a more modern style. To start playing hide and seek in Minecraft PE, you need to choose a role.

This can be done with a dispenser that dispenses red or green wool .

Players who receive red wool must play the the role of the searcher .

If the user received green wool, then he needs to hide during the time while the seeker goes down the web.

There are indeed many places to hide on the map.

Therefore, it is recommended to invite a large number of friends for a more comfortable game.


This map for Minecraft PE contains a huge kitchen with many secret places . Such spaces include ventilation ducts, pipes and mouse passages.

The location is just perfect for playing hide and seek with friends . After all, it is quite difficult to find a player in the winding minks of mice or air ducts.


  • How do I install the first card?

    It is necessary to move the contents of the archive to the path games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • Are there teleports on these maps?

    No. You should navigate here on foot.
  • How to install the second map?

    It has the extension .mcworld, which means that the map will automatically install itself when you click on it.