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Download for free the full version of Minecraft PE 0.12.2 for Android and try new features: enchantments and potions.

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.2?

After the release of this global update, the game has completely changed. It has many new features that will definitely diversify survival. In addition to all this, the player can now descend to the nether . There he can meet his new inhabitants.


Several new mobs have appeared in Minecraft PE 0.12.2. Some of them live in the ordinary world, while others live exclusively in hell.

Title Description The world it lives in
Iron Golem Appears in villages. Defend the inhabitants. Normal
Snow Golem Attacks by shooting snowballs. Leaves snow behind. Normal
Ocelots Spawn in the jungle. Tameable with raw fish. Normal
Efreet Can fly. They shoot fireballs. Hell
Zombie Villagers Attack other villagers, infecting them. Normal
Wither Skeleton Has a sword. Hostile to the player. Hell
Charged Creeper Appears when a normal creeper is struck by lightning. Explodes stronger than normal creepers. Normal


The most main and expected innovation in Minecraft PE 0.12.2. It only has one biome, which is completely covered in hellstone and lava. It is inhabited mainly by zombie pigs. They are are neutral to the player until he deals damage to them.

Obsidian is required to build a portal.


Enchant tables, cooking racks, anvils were all added to Minecraft PE 0.12.2. It’s also worth noting that the bookshelves increase the level of enchantments. And they should stand at a distance of 1 block.

FACT: If an anvil falls on a player from a great height, it can break his helmet .


Basically, in Minecraft 0.12.2, the developers at Mojang added ingredients for potions. Also in creative mode, armor and most other items appeared in the inventory.


  • How can I fix something in Minecraft PE 0.12.2 using an anvil?

    You just need to put this item there. You also need some experience.
  • What happens if hunger is reduced to a minimum?

    The player will not be able to run, and will still take damage.
  • Is it possible to create the wither itself from the heads of a wither skeleton?

    Unfortunately, this is not yet available in the game.