Download magic mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download magic mods for Minecraft PE and conquer by getting magic staves, scrolls, carpets and hats!

Magic Mods – How’s that?

Many players are familiar with magical creatures such as summoners and witches. Also, in addition to this, the game has an enchantment table. But sometimes this amount of magic may not be enough. These mods are aimed at making up for this deficiency. They will add magic staves, carpets and more to Minecraft PE.

Magic carpet

This is the simplest modification on this list. In total, she adds 8 carpets to Minecraft PE . These carpets, in turn, are divided into 2 types: decorative and magical. The former can simply decorate your home, and the latter – you can fly.

Controlled by camera movement. It is also worth noting that these rugs can be crafted in survival mode.


Unlike the previous mod, this one adds different scrolls in Minecraft PE with different capabilities . But despite the seemingly cheating possibilities, this does not upset the balance of the game. And all because these scrolls are not so easy to get: you will have to spend a lot. First you need to build a special workbench out of a regular workbench and 8 sheets of plain paper . After that, you can get the scrolls themselves.

In order to craft, you need to click on the top of the workbench. There will be a list of recipes.


This modification adds to Minecraft PE as many as 8 staves . Each of them has its own unique abilities and is crafted in survival mode. For example, using the with the Air Staff, you can fly . And with the help of the Wither Staff, the player will be able to shoot dynamite.

TIP: Some staves require you to tap them on the ground to use them.


This mod for magic, unlike the previous ones, adds new creatures to the world of Minecraft PE. After installing 2 wizards will appear in the game: evil and normal . They will always be at enmity. It should also be noted that evil wizards will also attack the player.

ATTENTION: The first 3 mods may work on newer versions, but BlockLauncher is required. Therefore, the correct operation of the mods is not guaranteed.


The presented mod for magic for Minecraft PE brings a invisible hat to the game. This magical item hides the owner from all players and mobs. The hat can be crafted in the workbench or obtained from the creative inventory.

Making a survival invisibility hat will require fairly basic resources. These include red and black dyes, as well as one invisibility potion.


  • How can I put items to craft a scroll?

    You need to click on the bottom texture of a special workbench, after which a chest will open. Things should be put there.
  • How can I find out the recipes for crafting staves?

    They will be on the list of recipes, just like other regular items in Minecraft PE.
  • How can I sit on the carpet?

    You just need to tap on it.