Minecraft PE

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Trails and Tales

Download the full version of Minecraft PE for free, play on your phone, detect very quiet sounds with new items.

Minecraft What’s new?

The developers of Minecraft PE give a lot of updates and innovations this time to their users.

Mobs Biomes Blocks Functions
Sniffer Cherry Grove Sensor Excavations

Among other changes in the new version of Paths and Tales MCPE are various graphic and animation effects.

FACT: Steve has a new crawling skill. It is very convenient, even while in the water. After all, if he enters the water in this position, he will be able to swim.

Also, players may notice the updated sounds of some processes in Minecraft Bedrock, as well as vibrations and other noises. In addition, the developers have fixed many errors that occurred during the game and annoyed users.


Most Minecraft players are already well versed in this process. Finding shards of a ceramic vase during excavations is not difficult, nevertheless the authors of MCPE Trails and Tales decided to supplement this process with hints. They will pop up and indicate the contents of the pot itself, i.e. to what it consists of.

And also Minecraft will delight players with new finds of suspicious sand.

Sniffer seed finder

The branch of Minecraft PE Trails and Tales has got a new mob. Sniffer is exactly the one for whom the majority of users voted. And absolutely not in vain. After all, with its help it will be possible to plant seeds and grow something amazing out of them.

Back in Minecraft PE, it can be tamed and then it will be even easier to interact with it. For this, all you need is a torch flower.


These devices are perfect for capturing the smallest noises and vibrations in Minecraft It’s not hard at all to create it. All you need is an amethyst and an acoustic sensor.

By the way, as for vibrations. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, quite a lot of them appear and they denote some kind of process or important event associated with sandbox items or mobs.

Cherry Biome

This is the place that most Minecraft Bedrock crafters will definitely like. It is home to many animals and insects, and is distinguished by its lush vegetation of a characteristic pink color. Minecraft PE players will be able to make pink dye out of plant petals, which will also become an undoubted advantage of this area.


  • Where can I find Templates?

    In almost all structures.
  • What are Templates used for in Minecraft PE

    To decorate armor.
  • How to propagate a Sniffer in MCPE

    Using Torchflower.