Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk and use a brush to clean Suspicious Sand and not destroy these fragile blocks.

Minecraft Bedrock

Mojang Studios developers traditionally delight players with a wide variety of changes that are already available in Minecraft PE Create new buildings or go in search of ancient fragments.

The most wonderful gift for all users was the appearance of a new mob, which has now become a full participant in the gameplay. Thanks to his unique olfactory abilities, he can find seeds hidden underground and does not even mind sharing them with the player.

Search for antiquities

Perhaps this is the most fascinating pastime that has ever appeared in the cubic world. Archeology has long attracted users who were looking forward to its appearance in the game.

In Minecraft, every player who wants to try his hand at this difficult task must go to the desert. So far, only this biome has an excavation site. Although it is possible in the future and other locations there will be such an opportunity.

After the search location is determined, it is necessary to find new blocks. It is worth noting that Suspicious Sand is very rare and also fragile. Therefore, to clean them, you will need to create a special brush.


But not only ancient objects, but also mobs from ancient times appeared in Minecraft The Sniffer does not look like any of the currently existing animals and appears from an egg. This may lead users to think that this creature existed many centuries ago.

At the moment, it cannot be tamed and the only way to interact with it is to watch it search for seeds in the ground. By the way, a patient enough player will be able to stock up on them and use them for growing plants in the future. By the way, never before have these flowers been available in the cubic world.


  • What new mob appeared in Minecraft PE

  • In which biome in MCPE are the excavations located?

    In the desert.
  • What item will archaeologists need?