Download Minecraft 1.13.1

Version 1.13.1 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE 1.13.1 with working Xbox Live on android for free and play the full version of the game with the foxes.

Full Version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.13.1

Mojang informed Minecraft PE lovers that updates to the MCPE 1.13 branch will focus on Improve technical characteristics to stabilize the gameplay.

The developers will try to minimize errors in the game. This attempt can be seen in Minecraft PE 1.13.1.


The lack of a name for the update in Minecraft 1.13.1 (the name is given only to major updates) and the news that the version will be aimed at to improve the stability of the game may lead to the thought that nothing new and interesting will be added.

But it turned out that in addition to working on improving the characteristics, in parallel, the addition of new mobs to the world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.13.1 was introduced.


Those who have played the Minecraft Java 1.14 version of the game already know that foxes are night hunters that appear in taiga, giant woody and snow-taiga biomes.

There is a 5% chance that a group consisting of 2-4 foxes will appear in Minecraft 1.13.1. They are similar in properties to ocelots, but unlike them, they do not run away when the player approaches him.

Fact: The most surprising thing about them is that there is a 20% spawn rate for a fox holding an object in its mouth.

Brown cows

Many have wondered why there are cows with red mushrooms in Minecraft Bedrock, but no brown ones. Although brown cows would not mean anything in the game, since they are exactly the same as red ones, the creators of Minecraft decided to add them.

How to see a new mob? You need lightning to strike the fly agaric cow.

Building Blocks

The developers know that now there are many players who enjoy making maps for Minecraft PE . That is why, added structural blocks . These are the blocks that are used to create structures by hand.

The point is to save templates and then copy them to any world. Each structure can be rotated or flipped.

For modders

Good news for those who love making mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition , they can now use custom HP HUDs. Most importantly, it is now possible to create complex mods in the Scripting API .


For a good work of the structure block in Minecraft PE 1.13.1, it was decided to add a structure_void block (Structural void).

It can only be obtained in experimental mode and only in creative by writing the command / give @s structure_void . Its task is to remove all air blocks.

Wither Rose

An amazing flower appeared in Minecraft 1.13.1. You can get the Wieser Rose through creativity, or by descending into the Lower World .

But be careful, the flower can add a withering effect to you. But despite this, you can make a stew and black dye

Character Editor

One of the long-awaited features in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.13.1 that will allow you to change your skin without any problems.

Conveniently, you do not have to download applications, skins from the Internet and install for a long time.

Changes in Minecraft 1.13.1

The Mojang developers in the release version have fixed all the bugs and now crashes do not threaten game lovers.


When joining servers in the previous version of Minecraft 1.13.0 for some unknown reason, there were crashes.

An error was thrown that the connection to the server was interrupted.

But there were failures not only in the servers, but in offline mode too. This bug was very disruptive to the gameplay and therefore it was fixed.

Character Editor

There were no serious errors in the character editor, but due to the popularity of the innovation, we decided to speed up the editing process itself . Also, in Minecraft PE 1.13.1, wings and cloaks will begin to be displayed.


When you went to Hell, it happened that instead of sending you there, you ended up in the ordinary world. This problem has been fixed and now in Minecraft PE 1.13.1 you can safely travel to the nether world .

Work has also been done to reshape the movement. There will be more work on it in future versions.