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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with the new features of the underworld!

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

The new version of the Caves & Cliffs was released by developers at Mojang Studios. Minecraft PE has several new and interesting innovations. For example, the player can now encounter shiny new material. Also, the developers did a good job on fixing various bugs.


First of all, in Minecraft, it is worth noting the appearance of candles. This is quite an interesting innovation that gives the player a new light source.

A distinctive feature of candles is that they can be installed simultaneously up to four pieces per block . There are also candles of various colors. There are 16 variations in total.

To craft a candle, you need honeycomb and string . In order to paint a candle, it is necessary to combine it in a workbench with the appropriate dye. Each candle emits light level 3. This means that if four candles are placed on one block, then the maximum light level will be 12.

It is worth noting that one candle can also be placed on an uneaten cake.

Violet Geode

The next interesting innovation in Minecraft PE is the amethyst geode . This is a new structure in the game that has three layers: outer, middle and inner.

The most interesting for the player is the inner layer, because it is here that you can find a blooming amethyst, as well as an amethyst block.

Sometimes in such structures in Minecraft there may be cracks , which will only play into the hands of the user. After all, through such cracks, you can immediately access the inside of the amethyst geode. You need to get amethyst using an iron pickaxe or higher.


A new block in Minecraft PE that has no functionality. It can be found in mineral veins. You can get it with any pickaxe. Currently tuff is used for decorative purposes only.


  • How to get honeycombs?

    It is necessary to use scissors on the bee's nest.
  • What is the outer layer of the amethyst geode in Minecraft PE

    Of smooth basalt.
  • At what height does the amethyst geode generate?

    Between Y = 70 and bedrock.