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Version for Android
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Download Minecraft PE for Android with working Xbox Live and find out about the first little updates of hell!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition – What’s New?

MCPE continues to perform the main function of the beta versions – it is bug fixes . At this stage, the changes from Mojang are aimed at fixing bugs that may interfere with the gameplay in the future.

First Steps to Update Hell

Mojang AB has already made some changes to Minecraft that will help the hellish update work stably.

First of all, the changes were in the magma block . Now mobs that do not have a fire vulnerability will take damage from this block. This flaw could have caused problems with netser update .

The main fix was to edit the properties of the hand. In Minecraft PE, mobs that hold armor in their hands will not be able to wear it. Only Piglins will have this capability.

Info: Piglins are hostile and neutral mobs that spawn in the crimson forest “ Nether Update </ em > “.


To run a large-scale update , you need a stable gameplay state. This is exactly what the developers have done, by optimizing the playback of animations.

This will not only significantly increase the frame rate ( FPS ), but will also allow the new version of Minecraft to work with almost all devices.


  • the texture of the cake has been changed. The incorrect display of half of the cake was a heavy load on the game. Therefore, in Minecraft Pocket Edition, half of the cake will have the correct texture .
  • there was also an issue with water texture . It became transparent when placed on a fire, next to a sponge. Animation and blue water color returned.


  1. there have been fixes to the block height limitation for the distribution of potion particles. The particles will still fly off completely randomly, but their height and latitude have their limits.
  2. in Minecraft changed the rules for using the command block . Now you can go back into it, in case of an error in the command or when conditions are changed.
  3. bubble has its collection function again when used on a boiler. The water is collected as usual.


  • What are the main tasks of this beta version of Minecraft

    At this stage, the changes are aimed at fixing bugs.
  • Is there something from a hell of an update?

    Mojang AB has already made some changes in MCPE that will help the hellish update run stably.
  • What are the performance changes?

    Developers have optimized animation playback.