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Download Minecraft for android : play with updated bees, a new way of healing from poisoning, as well as beekeeping mechanics.

What has changed after the Minecraft update?

Not so long ago, the build MCPE was released, as the developers from Mojang begin to delight players with the new Minecraft Bedrock Edition update. In it, the developers tried their best to improve the whole game , simultaneously correcting all the shortcomings that appeared after the release.


Mobs that are completely new to the world of Minecraft PE, which are called upon to radically change the world of the player. Now you can calmly go about your business while the bees fly and collect nectar for honey.

Under normal conditions, you can find bees in flower biomes: flower forest and meadow.

Your only concern will be to collect this honey, the collection methods of which are several, but more on that later.

Let’s also note the moment that it is to fight with bees is very, very dangerous :

  • they swarm you;
  • they poison with their stings.

There are several events that provoke bees in Minecraft , we advise you to learn them all:

  • while collecting honey;
  • after attacking any of the swarm, especially the little ones;
  • the player attempts to break the socket.

FACT: Bees are the second mobs in the game to die after being attacked.


Consider new mechanics , which appeared in the game world only with the arrival of the Minecraft PE update.

Its essence lies in the fact that the player once in a certain period goes and collects all the honey received by the bees. However, there are several ways to do this, so let’s take a look at them all in order.


However, first it is worth telling in general, what is honey and what is it for in Minecraft Pocket Edition

It can be used as drug , because honey perfectly relieves ailments, and specifically from poisoning.

Honey also has good nutritional properties, allowing you to restore 3 hunger cells in one go.

FACT: Thanks to a bottle of honey, you can get a new achievement “Welcome”.

Hives and Nests

If you think about it, it’s just two kind of houses for bees that can be used to collect honey in Minecraft


These are the blocks that appeared by themselves, even during the generation of the world, that is, they were here in advance, which suggests that you can only find bees next to them.

They are located almost at the top of a tree, hidden under dense foliage, and usually in flower areas , because there bees in Minecraft PE are much better and easier to get nectar.


But these blocks are already homemade. This allows you to move the bee habitat , and also greatly reduce the chances of an angry swarm flying at you.

The game is done only due to the fact that you will break the nest with the help of scissors for the “Silk Touch”, thereby obtaining a honeycomb.

But be careful: you can most likely have several bees rushing towards you, with eyes filled with fury.

Collecting honey

Well, we have dealt with the introduction, now it’s time to start collecting such a long-awaited honey. To do this, you just need to light a fire next to the selected hive or nest. He must put all members of the swarm to sleep.

After that, start to extract honey using empty cones by simply aiming at the target and clicking on the special button. We think that there should be no problems here.

By the way, it is noteworthy that you can add a new block of four bubbles – honey. However, such an operation can be performed and vice versa. So, if you need to store a lot of medicinal substance, you can use it.

Change in Minecraft Bedrock

Well, now I would like to say a few words about the changes that were made thanks to the Minecraft build

  • a lot of bugs were fixed that led to the crash of the game client;
  • various Japanese UI fixes. For example, text out of bounds and more;
  • the “Login” button in some languages ​​was touching the screen because it had an incorrect position. This has been fixed in Minecraft PE


  • How are bees useful?

    Can be used to extract honey, which both replenishes hunger and is an antidote to poisoning.
  • How do bees attack?

    You can tell by the red eyes and the loud buzzing. After that, only the moment will happen when they will pounce on you using their stings. Their attack is single, but deadly, both for you, if you do not have time to heal, and for the bee, which will die in 60 seconds.
  • Why did the developers release the Minecraft PE update?

    It was released in order to close all those gaps and shortcomings that the Mojang team did not have time to fix in the previous build, as well as those that were introduced by this very build.