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Minecraft PE 1.8.1 – Holiday Update

This update is called the Holiday Update. Mojang has added pandas, cats, blocks, items, and even a crossbow . They did not forget about the corrections either.


With the release of Minecraft 1.8.1, 2 new mobs have appeared in the game: cats and pandas . Pandas have 7 types of appearance, depending on the peculiarities of their behavior:

Type Description
Sick They have 10 hit points instead of 20. Their babies also sneeze a lot.
Gloomy Attack the player if he hit the panda that was nearby. Have a sullen expression on their faces.
Sad Don’t eat cake and bamboo. Have teary eyes. In case of a thunderstorm in Minecraft PE 1.8.1, they cover their eyes with their paws and tremble with fear . Avoid many mobs, including the player.
Lazy They like to lie on their backs and wiggle their legs, and also have a smile on their face.
Calm Have a serious face and behave naturally.
Playful Tumble over their heads and also like to stick their tongue out .

Panda cubs can scare their parents with a sneeze.


Blocks that greatly facilitate the implementation of various buildings in the survival mode in Minecraft 1.8.1. Scaffolding allows you to ascend high and descend safely . You can also build in a horizontal direction in 4-6 blocks.


Powerful ranged weapon in Minecraft PE 1.8.1. It takes longer to draw than a bow, but does more damage.

Also, the crossbow can shoot fireworks . To do this, you need to hold them in your other hand. This weapon is currently only available in the experimental game mode.

The crossbow has 3 unique enchantments, including a triple shot. It allows you to shoot three arrows at once, using one.


A plant found in the jungle. Used for scaffolding and breeding pandas. Bamboo can also be used as stove fuel.


  • Where do cats appear?

    In the jungle, as well as on beds in villages.
  • How can you tame cats?

    With raw cod.
  • Can pandas attack the player?

    Normally they are neutral to the player. However, if the player hits the panda, she will respond in kind.