Download Find the Button maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.1.5 - 1.21.1
Find the button, enchanted gardens, jailbreak and adventure begin!

Download Find the Button maps for Minecraft PE and use all your care to find a way out!

Series of cards Find the Button in MCPE

One of the well-known minigames in Minecraft PE. In these maps, the player has to find buttons , each of which leads to the next level.

At first it seems that everything is simple, but in fact, the search takes a considerable amount of time.

There are no maps with this mini-game for MCPE versions below 1.1.5.

Find The Button

An old, but no less interesting map for Minecraft PE. There are 10 levels, each of which requires a button to pass. It is worth noting that locations are individual in their own way .

The player can not only enjoy the game, but also admire the beautiful buildings.


This map for Minecraft PE, like the previous one, has 10 levels. These are random levels, the difficulty of which increases as you progress.

TIP: To complete level 9, you need to collect 4 letters and form a word – the name of a chemical element.


Fans of fast food should definitely go through this map in Minecraft PE. There are various buildings on it, each of which resembles some kind of food .

But don’t look at the sweets for a long time, you need to concentrate on finding buttons.


In the story, the player has to arrange a prison break in Minecraft PE. However, for this he needs to find buttons to go through all 5 levels. Each time it will be more and more difficult to succeed.

The Adventure Begins

Quite an interesting map from the Find the Button series in Minecraft PE. It has one notable feature: some levels have hidden additional secret buttons .

It is also recommended to invite friends to get more pleasure from the passage.

Enchanted Gardens

Large-scale map in Minecraft PE. It is a magical garden with 5 secret buttons hidden. To pass you need to find everything.

There are several locations on the map: an abandoned house, a cliff, and a mushroom zone.

With hints

The presented map Find the Button for Minecraft PE has as much as 20 levels . Each of them differs in the level of difficulty from easy to hard. Also, one hint will be available to the player every 10 minutes.

To activate it, you need to wait for a message with access approval. Then step on the pressure plate which is mounted on magnetite.


  • Why are there no maps with this theme for old versions of Minecraft PE?

    Because these maps use command blocks that were introduced in version 1.1.5.
  • What if the automatic installation doesn't work?

    In this case, you need to open the file with the .mcworld extension through any archiver and manually move all the necessary files to the path games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • Can I play with friends?

    Yes, this will not interfere with the passage, and even make it more interesting.