Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download free Minecraft with a working Xbox Live and create a restorative compass from echo shards in the Wild Update

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers of the Mojang studio continue to delight their players with innovations from the wild update. This time, echo shards and a restoring compass have been added to the new Minecraft Wild Update.

Also, players will be able to descend into the new biome of the gloomy depths and summon Varden there. In general, the update turned out to be very interesting and, as always, of high quality.

Echo Shards

Players can now find a very rare item in chests of the Dark Depths – Echo Shards. This is an incredibly valuable resource for all Minecraft PE players.

After all, you can create a restoring compass from fragments of an echo. But be careful while searching. You have to descend into a very creepy biome and face dangerous enemies.

Recovery compass

A restoring compass appeared with the arrival of Minecraft Thanks to this compass, players will be able to make their lives much easier.

The compass will help you find the place where you died. This way you can collect all the valuable, dropped resources.

Now you do not need to download additional mods that simplify searches or remember the exact coordinates of the place of death. The restoring compass will guide you to the right place without any problems.


A new mob that appeared in the game thanks to Minecraft PE Players will be able to summon him by activating the screamer rock block.

After activating the block, the varden rises from the ground and searches for the source of the noise. If the mob does not find anyone, then it burrows back underground.

Varden is one of the most beautiful mobs in all of Minecraft The monster has an unusual, pulsing backlight in the chest area. This shows Varden’s heartbeat.