Working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE for free on android, play with a full-fledged craft, updated bees and with a correct login to Xbox Live.

How was the update?

In the new version of Minecraft, the developers from Mojang decided to fix some problems that beta testers faced.


These are new mobs that will make a big contribution to the further development of the behavior of Minecraft PE mobs.
They do everything like real bees:

  • pollinate flowers;
  • make honey;
  • build honeycombs.

In the event of a threat to the hives, insects instantly sharpen their stings.


Since the bees produced honey and built honeycombs, and the update needed to add some new blocks, we decided to introduce honeycomb and honey blocks.


A beautiful lattice block, consisting of 4 cells.

Honey cannot be stored in it, as it was created exclusively for decoration. Perhaps in the new update branch, the cell block will acquire the storage function .


A useful block that took a few minutes of attention at Minecon 2019 .

Traps can be built using the honey block.

With it you can move several blocks in mechanisms . From falling on this block, damage is minimized.


The need for bees in the place of residence prompted the developers to introduce wild and homemade hives into Minecraft for honey storage and protection from rain .


If you want to find them in Minecraft Bedrock, then go to flower meadow , where the chance of hives regeneration is great.

They store honey and can be collected, but do not forget that inside the bees, which no matter what, will definitely try to keep their jewel.

Tip: Hives are best obtained with scissors or silk-touch weapons. Otherwise, a whole swarm will attack you.


In these hives, it is more convenient to collect honey, because the chance that a whole swarm will attack you is low. Peculiarities:

  • have all the same properties as wild;
  • honey can be collected in beehives of at least level 3.

Skin Editor

Allows you to quickly, simply and conveniently edit the skin in Minecraft

You can change the size, eye color, add a beard, change clothes and add 3D objects to it.

Change in

Let’s take a look at the major changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Xbox Live

The game has another problem logging into an Xbox Live account. When trying to log in, the user immediately exited Minecraft PE.

Some players had their account deleted after logging in, after some time

You cannot claim that the problem has been completely resolved. But there are attempts, and at least the entrance to Minecraft is carried out.

Items disappearing while crafting

Many players in version wondered where their items after crafting.

It was a bug that made Minecraft PE think they were cheats.

Everything has been fixed and now you can safely craft items.


There are no errors in these “smart” mobs. They decided to supplement their behavior in Minecraft so that when small bees attack, adults react instantly.
Now for attacking small bees, revenge will come instantly.

Error loading textures

Due to an error in the game system, the import of textures was impossible. Now, import to Minecraft PE is successful.