Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft for Android free with a working Xbox Live and appreciate the new possibilities of using bamboo, as well as making friends with a new animal.


Developers once again pleased the players with the appearance in the cubic world of a variety of useful items that will allow you to create your style and even make a secret passage.

By the way, new animals will appear in Minecraft PE, these are camels. You can ride on them and even jump over obstacles. Players will be completely safe from aggressive mobs and will even be able to attack them at the same time.

Go to the desert to get to know these beautiful creatures better. It is worth noting that these creatures love cacti, treat them to these plants to tame.

Hanging plaques

As you know, there are already signs in the cubic world that users successfully use to mark the terrain. Minecraft has a new type of these items. Now they can be placed directly on buildings.

To craft these products, you can use any type of wood, including the novelty of this update – bamboo.


New opportunities for using these items are offered by the developers in Minecraft PE Now you can place up to 6 different books on them at the same time.

But in addition, there is a possibility to combine shelves with Redstone, you can create a secret passage to another room. It is incredible and has never been used in the cubic world before.


To diversify the wood options in Minecraft, you can use bamboo. It differs from other types with a beautiful and unusual texture and is available for creating blocks, steps, and everything else.

Build buildings of all shapes and sizes from it, and also try to craft a real raft. On them, as well as on boats, you can go on a trip on the water with friends or take your favorite pet with you.


  • How many books can be placed on a bookshelf in MCPE

    Up to 6 books at a time.
  • What plants do camels like in Minecraft PE

    They like cacti.
  • Where can players meet camels?

    In the desert.