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Download free version of Minecraft with working Xbox Live : explore a new generation of the world, find an amethyst geode and much more!

Minecraft PE – What’s new added?

The developers of Minecraft PE have finally released an update that affected the generation of the regular world. Now the locations of the game will be much more beautiful and varied.
In addition, the Mojang Studios team has introduced new objects into the cube world, such as candles and a spyglass. They will help the user through.


Together with the new version of Minecraft, the developers added a spyglass. This item increases the player’s field of view by as much as 10 times!

The spyglass slows the player down when used!

The new item also has its own sounds when the user opens or closes it. In addition, the pipe looks very cool from the 3rd person.

New world generation

The next major update to Minecraft Bedrock is the new generation of the world. Now, the user can come across very beautiful mountains, underground rivers and much more!

New mountains can reach the height of the world limit!

In addition, the developers also slightly changed the biome matching system – now the transition between them is smooth!


Another interesting innovation in Minecraft is candles. They can serve as both a good light source and decoration. One block can fit up to 4 candles!

Candles can be colored in 1 of 16 colors!

The developers even made it possible to install candles on the cake so that you can arrange the holidays! However, after eating a piece of cake, the candle will fall out.

Violet Geode

The Mojang Studios team, along with the new Minecraft update, added an interesting structure – the amethyst geode. It rarely appears underground. The geode consists of 3 layers of blocks, the last of which are amethysts, on which crystals grow.

If the user walks around the blocks of amethyst, he will hear the music!

The crystal can be used to create a spyglass. In the next game updates, amethysts will have many more uses!

Changes in Minecraft

  1. Now in Minecraft PE, a layer of snow falls correctly if you break a block under it.
  2. Fixed a bug where the nether star would not drop from the wither.