Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and climb in places previously inaccessible to the player.

Minecraft PE Beta

In the Minecraft update, Mojang Studio has pleased fans with pleasant surprises. They have introduced a number of exciting innovations that bring additional features to Survival Mode and make the game even more fun. Players can now use crawling, enjoy new music discs, and use sniffer eggs. These add-ons add more variety and realism to the game world, allowing you to immerse yourself in an unusual atmosphere.

Ability to crawl

In the latest Minecraft PE update, there have been changes in the game mechanics. Thus, expanding the boundaries of the game and providing you with new opportunities in the virtual world. The addition of the crawl feature allows you to reach areas previously inaccessible. This is especially useful in survival mode. Now you can find cover from pursuers by slipping through narrow passages that most mobs can’t get through. This greatly increases your tactical flexibility and opens up new perspectives for exploring the game world.

Music disc

In the new Minecraft, several new items have been added, including unique music discs. Each of them is a special melody. This exciting addition to the game mechanics allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of sounds and music. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful compositions during your adventures. Adding even more atmosphere and emotions to the game.

Sniffer Egg

In Minecraft PE, a unique item called “Sniffer’s Egg” was introduced. This special item can only be found in suspicious sands found in sea dungeons. The egg is a rarity and its discovery requires the use of an archaeological brush. However, to prevent damage to this valuable item, it is advised to carefully dig into the sand.


Minecraft pleased us with an innovation in the form of the Sniffer Egg. It has several unique properties. One of the features of this item is its ability to speed up the appearance of mobs. To activate this effect, just place the egg on the moss block.


  • Which flower can be used to propagate the Sniffer in Minecraft PE

  • In which biome do cherries grow?

    In the Cherry Grove.
  • What are the Templates in MCPE for?

    To decorate the armor.