Download maps for a mansion for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download maps for a mansion for Minecraft PE: a mansion of fear, a modernized, smart and modern house.

What are mansion maps in Minecraft PE?

In the vastness of the Minecraft PE world there are structures of forest mansions . This dungeon is home to dangerous champions and summoners. Also, the building is fraught with many hidden rooms with valuable resources.

However, many users are bored with the standard dark forest buildings. Because of this, enthusiasts have developed maps with improved versions of mansions.

Mansion of Fear

The creator of this map for Minecraft PE set out to terrify players. To accomplish the task, he added scary ghosts to the forest mansion. However, the plot of the location is quite banal and is not able to surprise anyone with its uniqueness.

Important: Despite this fact, it will be very problematic to survive on the territory.

Users expect monsters, screamers and other attributes of the horror genre. The main goal of passing the horror mansion map is unraveling the secrets of the curse . To do this, you need to collect all the required artifacts.


In appearance, the forest mansion maps for Minecraft PE are no different from their counterparts. Only this impression is deceiving, because inside the the structure is completely modernized . The building was filled with a lot of advanced machinery.

Info: Vindicators and Summoners no longer appear in this dungeon.

For example, a sorting system and a sliding pool were erected in the mansion. All of these innovations are designed to improve the living conditions in your survival.


The presented map with a mansion is radically different from the previous ones. On the territory of the island of the location, the author built a modern estate . The building stands out for its minimalism and panoramic windows.

The house is located on the banks of a huge reservoir and is surrounded by high walls of stone . Inside the mansion, you will find the dining room, guest room, hall and hallway. The estate has absolutely everything for a luxurious life in Minecraft PE.


The next map for Minecraft PE boasts a a mansion with smart home technology . The building was erected in a swamp biome, and custom trees and mountains were built around it.

Moreover, the structure stands out for its bizarre exterior shape and a set of mechanisms. Advanced systems from Redstone make living in the house even more comfortable.


  • What is the main goal of completing the fear mansion map?

    To complete successfully, you need to solve the riddles of the curse.
  • How is the second mansion from the map selection for Minecraft PE upgraded?

    The mansion has been improved with many advanced mechanisms.
  • What makes the smart mansion stand out?

    This building has a quirky exterior and smart home system.